Lucky Charms Babka

I used the recipe for Blueberry Cream Cheese Babka as the base for this recipe. Obviously all the blueberry aspects are omitted. For the dough, the only change I made was to use cereal milk in place of the plain milk. To make cereal milk I used 1.5 cups of milk and 1 cup of lucky charms cereal in a bowl and let it sit out for half an hour, stirring occasionally. I then strained out the cereal and warmed the flavored milk as instructed. When making the cream cheese filling I simply colored it green until it reached the color I wanted. In place of the blueberry preserves in the filling, I took all of the frosted oat cereal pieces from 1 standard size box of Lucky Charms (I had to sift through the whole bag separating them from the marshmallows) and crushed them coarsely. I spread them over the cream cheese layer on the rolled out Babka and it used about 1.5 cups of crushed cereal to coat it. I dotted this with some of the marshmallows before rolling it up. I needed 2 standard boxes of lucky charms to have enough to make the cereal milk and the babka filling.

I then used this video tutorial to learn how to make the braid using the two babka loaves instead of baking them as separate loaves like the original recipe has you do: How to Babka Knot

Bake time was still about the same, maybe 2-5 mins longer to accommodate the giant knot instead of two individual loaves

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