Preserved Lemon and Sage Gin and Tonic

This month we had the pleasure of collaborating with Morris Kitchen on some fun craft cocktails! They gifted us a fantastic collection of their drink mixers and tasked us with the challenge of creating some fresh and new drinks and baked goods for them. Kicking it off with their awesome Preserved Lemon Syrup to step up a classic G&T into high gear. As a British South African, the gin and tonic has been a staple drink at family gatherings. I used Morris Kitchen’s Preserved Lemon Syrup to add to the already citrusy goodness of a G&T and some freshly ground Grains of Paradise to bring out the botanicals of the gin.

Recipe (for 2 drinks)

1 part gin

2 parts tonic

1/4 tsp freshly ground grains of paradise

1 1/2 tsp Morris Kitchen Preserved Lemon Syrup

6 fresh sage leaves

Combine gin and tonic in a shaker. Add grains of paradise and Morris Kitchen Preserved Lemon Syrup. Add sage leaves and muddle gently. Stir mixture before pouring over ice into two glasses. Serve with additional fresh sage. Optional: Partially rim glasses with extra ground grains of paradise prior to filling.

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